Wharton Stories: Management

EMBA student Robert Chen, WG’19, an executive coach at Exec|Comm in New York City, highlights takeaways about leadership from Alex Gorsky, WG’96, CEO of Johnson and Johnson.

12 Leadership Lessons from Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson

Attorney Derrick Hughes, WG’17, thought school was behind him until pursuit of a global business career brought him to Wharton.

From Orange County Attorney to Singapore Executive, Via Wharton San Francisco

“As an academic, you’re an entrepreneur of ideas. I’m constantly developing new ideas, putting them out there, and seeing how the market reacts. Do I get people interested? Do I affect people’s lives?”

Prof. Nancy Rothbard on the Interactions of Work and Life and Her New Role as Management Chair

I like helping companies govern themselves better by holding themselves to a higher standard, both operationally and ethically. There is an inherent moral hazard when what the CEO says goes without any inquiry.

How This Executive Search Leader Went from Restructuring Boards to Serving on Them

I wasn’t nervous about making the decision to self-sponsor; I saw it as an absolutely worthwhile investment in myself.

Former CFO of Louisiana Makes Public/Private Crossover After Self-Sponsorship

“I’m not just pursuing a music career. Music is one aspect that I think is influential and helpful in bringing communities together from all backgrounds, which is what I’m trying to do.”

Economics Undergrad Puts Classroom Lessons to Work in His Music and Clothing Company

At Wharton, I’ve looked for colleagues who are just as passionate about people as I am and who also want to make a difference in business by better understanding how human capital decisions can affect a company’s bottom line.

How the Human Capital Club Went from Brand New Club to Best New Club

Prof. Zhao’s International Strategy Course Examines What It Takes to Go Global

We realized there was no turning back. We had to do this.

How an MBA Graduate Founded a New Club at Wharton and Found a New Home in Philly

“Because Wharton is very welcome to the idea of students taking courses and collaborating with professors outside of their core department, I have been able to make great relationships with professors and students across both of those disciplines.”

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Attracted This CDC Researcher to Wharton’s PhD Program