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U.S. Air Force Director of Cyberspace Innovation Lauren Knausenberger, WG’12, made the transition from government contractor to entrepreneur to one of the youngest senior executives at the Pentagon.

How This EMBA Alumna Is Sparking Innovation in the U.S. Air Force

A summit of Penn Wharton Budget Model’s growing presence in D.C., the forum saw policymakers, business leaders, and academics examining the evolving tools that will make government more accessible to everyone.

Data for Government Transparency: Key Takeaways from Penn Wharton Budget Model’s First Policy Forum

Prof. Kent Smetters, faculty director of Penn Wharton Budget Model and a popular professor, shares financial advice for EMBA students.

Why This Business Economics Professor Says Self Sponsorship in Wharton’s EMBA Program Is a Sound Investment

Adam Beauregard is using his MBA education to further his Navy career, while benefiting from several programs that helped him pay for his degree.

Four Ways This Navy Officer Is Expanding His Perspective and Prospects in Wharton’s EMBA Program

Christian Butts, W’18, explains how he balanced his interests inside and outside the classroom with a variety of work experiences and research opportunities at Penn.

Do What You Enjoy: Recent Wharton Graduate Shares What Kept Him Grounded

To fulfill her passionate commitment to education, Wharton student Cindy Dexin Liu, WG’18, GSE’18, worked with administrators, faculty, and mentors to become the first graduate of a new MBA/MSEd offered with Penn’s Graduate School of Education.

Three Reasons This MBA Student Helped Pioneer a New Dual-Degree Program in Education Entrepreneurship

Cindy Dexin Liu, WG’18, GSE’18, benefited from the close community and West Coast entrepreneurial network of Wharton San Francisco to co-found a Palo Alto alternative school.

How This Dual-Degree MBA Leveraged the Semester in San Francisco to Help Open a New School

myAgro, a 2018 Lipman Family Prize Honoree, helps small-scale farmers to increase their income by using their mobile phones to pay on layaway for high-quality inputs (seeds, fertilizer) and agricultural training.

myAgro: Providing Access to Seed From Cell Phones

Operation ASHA, a 2018 Lipman Family Prize Honoree, works with tuberculosis (TB) patients amongst the poorest of the poor, living in slums, villages, or hard to reach tribal areas.

Operation ASHA: Scaling Up to Eradicate Tuberculosis in 25 Years

Ubuntu Pathways, a 2018 Lipman Family Prize Honoree, breaks the cycle of poverty by providing South Africa’s most vulnerable children with what all children deserve –– everything, every day.

Ubuntu Pathways: Pilot, Pivot, Progress for South African Children