Wellness at Wharton

Wharton students, faculty, and staff are in this together. We support a shared culture of well-being, strengthening and embracing our full selves and opening our community to each other.
Wharton works with Wellness at Penn to create more opportunities for Wharton students at all levels to reflect and engage on issues of wellness, stress, mental health, resilience, happiness, personal and academic goals, and the meaning of success. Here are the resources Wharton offers to foster well-being inside and out of classroom in all the dimensions of your life.

Wellness at Penn

The Wellness at Penn initiative affirms wellness as a core priority and necessary driver of life on campus, defining wellness as an ongoing holistic process with eight dimensions: emotional, physical, mental, social, sexual, spiritual, financial, and occupational.

Visit Wellness at Penn to access full support, resources, and practical tools for wellness at Penn.