Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #45 — “The Strava Story: Lessons in Customer Obsession and Engagement and Other Keys to Growth” with Strava Cofounder and CEO Mark Gainey

In this Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop, Mark Gainey, the CEO and co-founder of Strava, talks about the remarkable emergence of his company, the maker of the popular mobile app for cyclists and athletes in other endeavors.

In the six years since Strava was founded, it has become almost a household brand, with customer enthusiasts all over the world.  As a testament to its impact, Strava records over 3 million rides/runs/hikes/swims from around the world each week.

Mark speaks to the elements of Strava that make it unique among venture-backed app startups: the mission of the company, strategies about customer acquisition and engagement, international market development, and corporate culture. And if you are a Strava enthusiast, Mark also shares some of the company’s plans about future product features.

Watch the workshop in its entirety below:

Posted: May 13, 2015

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