Christopher Richardson is interested in marketing, retail, and entertainment and hopes to work with a marketing agency in a position that allows him to combine his analytical and creative halves

3 best things about Wharton and Penn

  • Diverse alumni who actively seek out opportunities to interact with and assist current Wharton students
  • The wealth of opportunities to explore business concepts outside of the classroom and beyond the boundaries of campus
  • The rich community of Wharton undergraduate students, with varied interests and multifaceted perspectives, which can be experienced in every class

Favorite Class

MGMT 101: Introduction to Management aims to provide a framework for understanding organizations and the challenges they face, while simultaneously providing students with the skills needed to address these issues. From day one I found myself to be more cognizant of the dynamics of teams in other classes and how I fit into my extracurricular organizations. After taking this course, I was inclined to add on a management concentration.

What makes Wharton special

It has to be the amazing opportunities to do something new! Never would have I expected myself to travel to Germany my freshman year to meet with executives of firms and to learn about the retail industry with the Wharton International Program, but, sure enough, I did. As long as you’re willing to take risks, Wharton will help you expand your understanding of business in ways that most people can only imagine.

Something unexpected that you learned at Wharton

When exploring schools, I learned about the prestige of Wharton’s faculty, so upon arrival I expected to have minimal interaction with them. However, in class after class my freshman fall, Wharton professors asked for our class to sign up for the Lunch and Learn program so that we could get to know them better outside of class. A group of five classmates and I went to Pod, a local Pan-Asian restaurant, with my professor and didn’t talk about class once. Learning that you and your professor both have family from the same town in England is a pretty good ice breaker.

What I want to do with my business education

Having interests in the marketing, retail, and entertainment industries, I hope to work with a marketing agency in a position that allows me to combine the analytical and creative halves of myself. The best thing about being a Wharton student is that your education prepares you to work in all industries, so choosing only one isn’t necessary!

Posted: December 4, 2017

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