Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

Engage in the classroom. Apply everywhere.

With the recent reshaping of Wharton’s undergraduate and MBA curricula, we updated what we teach. Now with a set of Teaching Excellence initiatives, we are emphasizing how we teach. Our goal is to ensure that Wharton continues to define best practices in the dissemination of knowledge to our students.
We believe two factors define teaching excellence: vibrant engagement between faculty and students in the classroom and clear application of the knowledge learned to pressing challenges and opportunities beyond the classroom.
Through our focus and commitment to the principle of “engage and apply,” Wharton is creating a transformative educational experience for all of our students.

Our Initiatives for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Teaching Excellence Committee

A committee, comprised of faculty from each academic department, will identify, develop, and share best practices in teaching throughout the School.

View Committee Members

  • Jennifer Blouin, Accounting Professor
  • Brian Bushee, Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor | Professor of Accounting | Senior Vice Dean of Teaching and Learning
  • Drew Carton, Associate Professor of Management
  • Vincent Glode, Associate Professor of Finance
  • Raghu Iyengar, Miers-Busch | W’1885 Professor | Professor of Marketing | Faculty Director – Wharton Customer Analytics
  • Shane T. Jensen, Professor of Statistics
  • Judd B. Kessler, Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
  • Ben Keys, Associate Professor of Real Estate
  • Ingrid Nembhard, Fishman Family President’s Distinguished Associate Professor | Associate Professor of Health Care Management
  • Rebecca Schaumberg, Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions
  • Vincent Buccola, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics

Faculty Teaching Mentors

Appointed across Wharton’s ten academic departments, faculty teaching mentors give advice and support professors in their continuous efforts to update and improve the courses they teach.

Annual Awards

Each year, Wharton will recognize teaching excellence. Awards will be given to faculty members who deliver outstanding performance in teaching, based on student evaluations. Other awards, based on recommendations from department chairs, will be given to faculty members who made innovative contributions to teaching that were not captured by the evaluations.

Previous Award Winners