GCP & Geneva Global: Improving Rural Healthcare Outcomes in Namibia
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Wharton GCP Students Embrace Indigenous Australia for Global Tourism Project
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GCP & The Gates Foundation: Seeking to Improve Access to Financial Services for the Poor in Kenya
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The Experience of a Lifetime

"Wharton Global Consulting Practicum was the most rewarding experience of my Wharton education. The lessons I learned relating to client interaction, adapting to change and working with an international team are ones that enabled me to form, market and grow my own business. GCP is the jewel in the Wharton Crown."
-GCP Alumnus

Client Satisfaction - Real World Impact

"We highly value the Wharton GCP four stage business strategy and support products. Everyone has lived up to Wharton and Fudan's esteemed reputation and their work was truly impressive and greatly appreciated. In fact, we believe that this information is so powerful that we plan to use it for years to come to help us grow into a large and successful company."
-Xuelian Bian, CEO & Chairman, Linkwell

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Success Across the Globe

GCP is currently in progress on 2013 - 2014 projects which will culminate in April and May 2014!

Microfinance: Learning from Developing Countries — and Past Experience
What lessons can providers of microfinance services in the U.S. learn from microfinance practices overseas? In... More »

The Feedback Loop: More Data Doesn’t Always Mean Better Customer Service
Customer surveys, customer feedback, customer loyalty programs: Despite all these tools, it’s still not clear ... More »

Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone on the Power of the Creative Mind
In his new book, Things A Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of a Creative Mind, Biz Stone tells the story of hi... More »


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