Faculty and Research

Faculty and Research

Wharton’s 225-plus professors generate the knowledge and innovations that transform global business practice and public policy. Drawn from 10 distinct departments, they work with leading companies and policy-makers around the world, and they bring that real-world, real-time knowledge into Wharton’s classrooms and 20 research centers and initiatives.

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Mainstreet.com | December 17, 2014

Mainstreet.com cites research by Nancy Rothbard that shows holiday office parties are not always effective at boosting staff morale.

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International Business Times | December 15, 2014

In the International Business Times, Daniel Raff comments on the impact of the publishing industry offering content online.

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Forbes | December 14, 2014

Forbes features Stewart Friedman’s new book, “Leading the Life You Want,” on their list of Noteworthy Books of 2014.

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