Faculty and Research

Faculty and Research

Wharton’s 225-plus professors generate the knowledge and innovations that transform global business practice and public policy. Drawn from 10 distinct departments, they work with leading companies and policy-makers around the world, and they bring that real-world, real-time knowledge into Wharton’s classrooms and 20 research centers and initiatives.

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CNBS| April 17, 2014

Prof. of Finance Joao Gomes writes an op-ed that discusses the future of the American workforce.

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The Huffington Post| April 12, 2014

Asst. Prof. of Marketing Rom Schrift is noted for his research that says having the option to do nothing can increase productivity.

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CNBC's Squawk Box| April 11, 2014

Prof. of Finance Jeremy Siegel explains how a stock market rotation could be healthy for the economy.

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