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2019 Penn Wharton Startup Challenge

Air conditioning venture Aerate, a six-student team tackling cooling and climate change issues in India, took home four prizes at this year’s entrepreneurship competition.

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Wharton is the “Start Here” button for entrepreneurship. 
Wharton resources, research, and network fuel innovation, spark ideas, and build businesses from startup to global scale. 

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Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

A complete ecosystem for Penn students interested in entrepreneurship & innovation

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Mack Institute for Innovation Management

Forges industry and academic connections, transforms innovation research into real-world impact

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Wharton Small Business Development Center

Helping Greater Philadelphia businesses start, grow, and prosper

Entrepreneurship at Wharton San Francisco

A wide range of initiatives and resources to help startups take off

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“Good designers relentlessly generate lots of ideas and open-mindedly consider alternative solutions. At no time are good designers frightened to entertain a crazy, competing, or uncomfortable idea.”

Prof. Karl T. Ulrich

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Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference

This two-day event sponsored by the Mack Institute and Management Department brings together top researchers from Wharton and other business schools studying technology-based industries and innovation management.

Wharton Scale School

This workshop series in San Francisco guides entrepreneurs making the transition from a successful startup to a large enterprise. Hear from experts who share solutions to critical challenges faced by rapidly growing companies.

Start Learning

Start and scale your business with online and executive courses.

Scaling Ventures: Developing the Playbook for Profitable Growth

November 4-8, 2019 in Philadelphia: Learn strategy, finance, and leadership and how they work together to create a viable plan for growth.
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Entrepreneurship Specialization

This four-course series covers the conception, design, organization, and management of new enterprises, from opportunity identification through launch, growth, financing and profitability.

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