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Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Course Credit Request Form 

Credit for Graduate Work at Other Universities
Of the twenty course units of graduate work required for the doctoral degree, at least twelve units must be taken at the University of Pennsylvania. Students may receive up to eight units of credit for graduate work at other universities. Specific departments may set lower limits. A student who desires credit for previous course work should submit a written request to his or her Departmental Coordinator. That request should be submitted during the first year in the program. The Coordinator will decide whether to grant credit based on the standards of the previous work and its relevance to the student’s program. The Coordinator’s recommendations should be sent in writing to the Director and should be filed with the Wharton Doctoral Programs Office. The decision of the Coordinator is final, but it must be filed in the student’s folder in the DoctoralPrograms Office. The formal transfer of credit does not take place until the end of the first year of doctoral study.

Credit for Courses Taken in the Wharton MBA Program
Precisely the same rules as above apply to transferring credits from the Wharton MBA Program. Upon the Coordinator’s approval of MBA course work based on standards, relevancy, and departmental rules, a maximum of eight MBA course credits may be transferred. No MBA courses will be transferred with a grade below a High Pass. As above, the request for such a transfer should be submitted during the student’s first year in the Ph.D. Program.

University Policy


Credit may be transferred toward the Ph.D. from a masters degree or other work completed in a post-baccalaureate degree program, upon recommendation by the graduate chair and approval of the graduate dean, reducing full tuition registration by up to two years. No work done as an undergraduate, whether at this institution or at any other, will be counted toward a Ph.D., A.M., or M.S., with the following exception: graduate courses completed by undergraduates as submatriculants in a graduate group may be counted toward graduate degree requirements.

Transfer of Credit Request Form

*Submatriculation into a Wharton Doctoral Program refers to Wharton Undergraduates ONLY!