Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Best Undergraduate Experience

Will undergraduate business studies be too limiting?

What degree will I receive from the Wharton School?

If I plan to get an MBA after graduating from college, why should I choose to study for an undergraduate degree at Wharton?


How do you assess candidates?

What is the application procedure for Wharton's dual-degree programs?

How are Wharton transfer applications assessed?

Can I request an interview with someone in the Wharton Undergraduate Division office?

Are there part-time students at Wharton?

Can I take any Wharton classes online?

Can I receive financial aid to attend Wharton?

How many international students are there?

Curriculum/Course Work

What will I study at Wharton?

When do I start to take my business courses at Wharton?

How many liberal arts and sciences courses will I be able to take?

What opportunities will I have to study a particular business subject in depth?

Will I be able to study abroad?

What is the average class size?

Are Wharton professors accessible?

Are many classes taught by graduate student teaching assistants?

Do many students fail academically at the Wharton School?

Academic Opportunities

What opportunities will I have to study a language?

Are there any research and scholars programs at Wharton, and what are the criteria?

Does Wharton have a special business library?

Student Life

Are Wharton students segregated from the general student population?

Can I play sports if I'm a Wharton student?

How culturally diverse are Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania?

Do I need to have a personal computer?

Is the Penn campus a safe environment?


How do students go about finding a job as they approach graduation?

How well do Wharton graduates do in the job market?