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A concentration is like a major – it allows you to specialize in an area of your choice.

All Wharton students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, but students choose focused areas of study called concentrations. Because we have so many professors and departments, Wharton students can choose from 20 concentrations, or they can work with a professor to create a unique concentration.

Since concentrations are just four courses, it's easy for students to add or change them or do more than one. You have a lot of flexibility and time to decide what you are passionate about, and there are advisors, students, and faculty to help you through the process of figuring it all out.

Available Concentrations

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* denotes a secondary concentration, meaning that students will also need to have another concentration.
** denotes a dual concentration, meaning that students will have a concentration in Marketing as well as Communication.




Wharton concentrations, including individualized


Catherine Gao

Carmel, IN

“What I love about Penn and Wharton is it allows me to take the business fundamentals but also go way beyond what my interests are."

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