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The diversity of the Wharton community is reflected in the wide variety of student clubs. Our community’s size creates scale and scope to sustain a club for almost every interest, from professional opportunities to sports, hobbies, and community service. Each year’s clubs are shaped by the interests of the incoming MBA class — so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can create it.

The Wharton Graduate Association (WGA), the student government organization of the Wharton School's graduate program, coordinates and manages most student activities and initiatives, both academic and extracurricular. All first- and second-year MBA students at Wharton are members.

In addition to student representation, the WGA, funded primarily through student dues, provides monetary and logistical resources to more than 100 different student-led clubs and 19 business conferences on campus. The WGA website is managed independently by Wharton's student body and includes a complete, interactive list of student clubs.

Discover how you can participate in Student Clubs in a webinar about the Wharton Graduate Assocation (WGA).

Professional Clubs

More than 30 professional clubs provide opportunities to build peer and alumni networks, meet people with similar interests, and find out more about specific fields and industries.

International/Cultural Clubs

With 21 cultural organizations on campus, there is a group for everyone, regardless of background. These clubs provide support for students from different geographic regions and sponsor campus events to build awareness of various cultures and an appreciation for diversity.

Social/Special Interest Clubs

Whether you are an enthusiast of comedy, wine, or ballroom dancing, Wharton has a club for your interests, as well as a variety of other fun and interesting social clubs. There are also social groups for partners and children of students.

Athletic Clubs

Wharton's 16 intramural athletic groups provide ample opportunity to play, let off steam, meet new people, and practice leadership skills.

Community Service Clubs

A key part of Wharton's culture involves giving back to communities — as close as West Philadelphia or as far as Vietnam, Pakistan, and Chile.

For additional opportunities, visit Social Impact.


Community Service Clubs

Athletic Clubs

Social/Special Interest Clubs

International/Cultural Clubs


Professional Clubs

Student Clubs

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"You are responsible for creating a menu of activities to develop yourself and your leadership abilities. I’m one of the two co-presidents of the rugby club, which has 80 members, dozens of matches and international and domestic tours."


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