Your Wharton MBA begins with the three-week immersion of Pre-Term. It sets you up for a strong academic experience, providing you with information about the academic experience, addressing individual areas you may need or want to strengthen, introducing you to team-based learning and faculty expectations in the classroom and giving you the one-on-one advice you need to make the best pathway for you.

 Pre-Term is required and includes coursework, waiver testing, a Learning Team experience, and the chance to explore Philadelphia and build relationships with your cluster and other classmates.

Math Requirement

All entering MBA students must demonstrate proficiency in mathematics through an exam administered before the start of the program, either online before arriving or during Pre-Term.. Students whose online math exam (taken before arriving for Pre-Term) indicates they need a math refresher will register for the on-campus math review course. Those who have never had a college-level calculus course are encouraged to take one before arriving on campus. A solid understanding of mathematics is an excellent foundation for the core curriculum.

Learning Team Experience

The Learning Team Retreat kicks off your first-year learning team experience. The retreat introduces the members of a learning team and provides the opportunity for the level of team formation necessary for success. Following the Learning Team Retreat, the experience continues during Pre-term as all first year MBA students complete Management 610: Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership course and work together on a case competition.

Since the team is not self-selected, there is a juxtaposition of diverse careers, interests, and international backgrounds. The team structure therefore encourages trial and error, risk-taking, and creative friction among members as they learn to collaborate and lead within a group of peers.

Student Profile

Rooh Chatterji

“The first thing I got involved with at Wharton was a volunteer project building a playground at the Wissahickon Charter School during Pre-Term.”

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