MBA in Health Care Management

With its strengths in health economics and health management, the MBA in Health Care Management gives students a full range of managerial and technical expertise within an interdisciplinary program.

Note: Offered as a major at Wharton, students interested in the Health Care Management Program must indicate their interest when they apply.

Health Care Management appeals to those interested in the pharmaceutical sector, biotech health services, government agencies, insurance organizations, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and consulting firms that specialize in the health-care sector. Disciplines, such as law, policy, ethics, and decision analysis, are represented by the Health Care Management Department's secondary appointments and by faculty who work at the University of Pennsylvania's schools of Medicine and Nursing. Adjunct faculty members are also drawn from health industry experts.

Graduates are exceptionally well prepared to play leading roles in the diverse organizations and specialties that make up this vitally important industry — one that is constantly changing due to innovations in science and technology, economic forces, human demand, and governmental and social policy. Alumni have established careers in pharmaceutical and medical product companies, financial services, hospitals and other medical institutions, entrepreneurial ventures, consulting firms, foundations, industry, and government — many of them holding positions as chief executive officers, directors, and other key decision makers.

To learn more about the Health Care Management Major, please visit the Wharton Health Care Department Website.

Student Perspective

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“Wharton has a robust health care program and an amazing alumni network. It’s a pretty exhaustive curriculum with the option to take electives that span the health care industry.” more

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