From a "Struggling Provincial Experiment" to a Leader in Business Education

From Boom to Bust to Boom

From Start-Ups to Wealth Creation

From Foreign Trade to a Global Interlinked Economy

From Merchandising to Electronic Commerce

From Managing Factories to Managing Knowledge Networks

From ENIAC to Emerging Technology

From Steam Engines to Global Supply Chains

Broad Impact

The Wharton Campus


The century rode in on a horseless carriage and will ride out on the information superhighway. It spoke first through crackling telephone landlines and will utter its last word through instantaneous global satellite communications. It began with bricks-and-mortar department stores and will end with virtual malls. It began with global military conflict and will end with unprecedented world economic prosperity.

This has been a century in which business moved to center stage, and Wharton has played a pivotal role in shaping its course. As the first business school, we started the century out front, and we remain in that position at the close of the millennium. What an extraordinary century it has been at the Wharton School — and we are just getting started.

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