Wharton 2020 Fall Semester FAQs – MBA for Executives

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Academics and Virtual Learning

What are the grading policies for the Fall?

First, we will not be enforcing an upper limit for the MBA grade point average. When faculty assign grades in MBA courses that are typically bound by a B+ average (3.33), this upper limit will not apply.

Second, faculty will not assign LT indicators in MBA courses. Academic performance standards, however, will be enforced. In other words, you cannot get LTs, but accruing F grades can risk your academic standing.

These decisions are a continuation of policies we put in place last semester in response to the transition to remote learning. We feel it is important to provide the same support as both students and faculty adjust to the synchronous and blended delivery models.

That being said, we will be returning to our standard Pass/Fail policy in the fall semester. Each student may take up to one elective course unit on a Pass/Fail basis, not counting classes that can only be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Standard deadlines apply, as well.  While we understand this may provide students with less flexibility, we believe this is in the best interest of the MBA community.

The above policies apply to Fall 2020, as no decisions have been made yet regarding Spring 2021.

Are there any changes to the fall academic calendar for WEMBA students?

Any changes to the calendar for WEMBA were made prior to the latest announcement by Penn. New 2-year academic calendars for all four WEMBA classes will be posted to MyWharton shortly.

I am an incoming WEMBA student. Can I still request a deferral?

Incoming students may request a deferral until the end of their first week of classes by contacting their Director of Admissions. After that, you may request a leave of absence by contacting your Class Manager. All leaves of absence are reviewed by the Director and the Vice Dean. Leaves of absence may be granted for one year at a time, for no more than  five years total.

I am a returning WEMBA student. Can I still take a leave of absence for this semester?

Yes, If you decide you would like to pursue a leave of absence, please email your class manager. All leave of absence requests are reviewed by the Director and the Vice Dean. Leaves of absence may be granted for one term, two terms, or one year, but for no more than five years total. 

Will I continue to have disability accommodations as a remote student?

The WEMBA staff works closely with the University Student Disabilities Services (SDS). We encourage the use of the MyWLRC Portal , a suite of new online tools to interact with disability services. The new tools allow students to register with SDS, upload disability documentation, renew accommodations each semester, schedule accommodated tests, and upload texts for conversion to alternate formats. 

Tuition and Fees

Will the general fee be reduced for Wharton EMBA students? If so, by how much?

The 10 percent reduction in the University’s Fall General Fee applies to any graduate, professional, and undergraduate students who pay the General Fee. WEMBA students do not pay the University’s General Fee, but to maintain parity, WEMBA students will be given a refund equal to 10 percent of the MBA University Fall General Fee.

Is the Wharton Financial Relief Fund still available for students to apply?

No. Applications for the Wharton MBA Financial Relief Fund are now closed.

How was the relief fund dispersed?

The fund had 1342 total applications – 70 of them were from the WEMBA Program. There were four awarding levels: $7500, $5000, $2500, and $500, and the average award was $3,695

Is WEMBA tuition going to be held constant for the 2021-2022 academic year?

We will be following the University and holding tuition flat for students beginning the program in August 2020 (Class 46). The tuition rate will be held steady for both years of the program. Tuition was being held flat for the Class of 2021 prior to the University’s announcement.

When will I know how much to pay for the fall semester?

WEMBA students have been billed already. The fall bill is due on August 30, 2020, which is one month later than usual. Updates to your tuition bill will be visible online prior to the next billing cycle.

I have already paid for the fall semester. How and when will I receive a refund?

We will begin making adjustments to student accounts within the next two weeks. If you have already paid tuition and fees, the adjustment will likely create a credit on your account. The first refunds will be generated the week of August 24 and will occur weekly after that. If you have provided your bank account information through Penn Pay, your refund will be directly deposited into your account. This is the fastest method of refund delivery.

Who can I contact with questions?

Questions about tuition and financial aid should be directed to your class manager, who can advise you about who to contact at Wharton or Penn depending on your situation.

Housing and Campus Services

Will WEMBA students be able to access Wharton buildings on campus in Philadelphia and/or San Francisco for non-academic purposes?

Currently, Wharton buildings in Philadelphia and San Francisco are closed to students and visitors. Starting in the fall, we expect these buildings to be reserved as teaching facilities, and therefore students will not be able to use any areas of the buildings as study space or meeting space.

Is the Student Campus Compact still in effect for WEMBA students?

Yes, all students are still expected to follow the Student Campus Compact and abide by the included guidelines.