As we move from health crisis to economic crisis, the Wharton School continues to be a resource to help educate the public. FastForward: COVID-19 is a video series featuring faculty insights on the expected impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on key industries and what the world will look like one year from now.

Finance Prof. Jeremy Siegel Prof. Jeremy Siegel looks ahead to the future of the market in the wake of the pandemic, analyzing its economic impact and projecting what a recovery may look like in the U.S.

Marketing Prof. Cait Lamberton looks ahead to the future of productivity in the wake of the pandemic.

Business Economics and Public Policy Prof. Kent Smetters discusses the balance between economic growth and public health, coronavirus public policy, and the Penn Wharton Budget Model’s projections for U.S. states reopening.

Prof. Katherine Klein, Vice Dean of the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, discusses the future of social impact investing in the wake of the pandemic.

Director of Wharton’s Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology Prof. Gad Allon discusses what the gig economy may look like post-pandemic.

Wharton’s Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Prof. Karl Ulrich looks ahead to the future of entrepreneurship after the pandemic.

Prof. Christian Terwiesch, co-director of Wharton’s Mack Institute of Innovation Management, weighs in on the state of health care after COVID-19.

Vice Dean of Analytics at Wharton and Marketing Prof. Eric Bradlow discusses how business and sports analytics could change after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. 

Wharton Management Prof. Nancy Rothbard speaks to the ways in which working from home may change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former Dean Geoff Garrett looks ahead one year and speaks about the impact COVID-19 will likely have on the global economy, geopolitics, and higher education.