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10th Anniversary

Wharton Customer Analytics Conference

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Analytics drive modern business. Wharton drives advancements in how businesses analyze data to make better predictions and effective decisions.

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We go beyond the numbers to link data to actionable insights and strategic initiatives in finance, accounting, operations, human capital, and customer behavior.

People Analytics Initiative

Research, thought leadership, and education for organizations making decisions about people, and helping leaders operate based on evidence rather than intuition.

Wharton Research & Data Services (WRDS)

Award-winning research platform and business intelligence tool for users at 400+ institutions in 30+ countries.

Customer Analytics Initiative

Helping companies understand how to better monetize the individual-level customer data through the development and application of new predictive models.

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Students in Undergraduate and MBA Analytics Clubs
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“I see analytics as being directly in Wharton’s historical quantitative sweet spot but expanding it in different industries where the data now exists.”

Prof. Eric T. Bradlow, Chairperson of the Marketing Department, Faculty Director, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

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Analytics Accelerator Summit

Analytics professionals share real-world examples of customer analytics impacting strategic decisions and delve deeper into the technical skills that turn data into insights.

People Analytics Conference

Join us for a dynamic program that will span from how analytics affects culture and diversity to applying artificial intelligence to hiring and performance management.

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Learn analytics from Wharton experts through online and executive courses.

Customer Analytics: Executive Education Program

September 17 – 21 in Philadelphia. Expertise to create a strategic vision based on your own data.
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Business Analytics Specialization

Self-paced online professional specialization program. Each program can also be taken individually.
Customer Analytics, Operations Analytics, People Analytics, Accounting Analytics

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