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If you "LIKE" will you buy? New Data on Social Media Exposure and Purchase Behavior

A WCAI Research Opportunity Sponsored by a Multinational FMCG Company, May 2012 

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Over the past two years, this major multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods ("FMCG") company has carefully collected multi-channel data for a specific product category in a Western European Country. Using household scanners, television monitors, and network card data capturing devices, the company has recorded what its panelists have bought, what they've watched on TV, their banner ad exposures, and what's been presented to them on their Facebook news feeds. The company's products can be found in all major grocery chains, and their brands have strong presence across television, online and social channels.

Grantees of the FMCG data:

  • How Much is Enough? An Empirical Study of Multi-Channel Advertising Complementarities
    Anna Tuchman, Stanford University
    Harikesh Nair, Stanford University
    Pedro Gardete, Stanford University
  • The Effects of Traditional and Social Media Exposures on Brand Purchase: Applications of Multi-channel Marketing Data
    Lijia Xie, Temple University
    Chih-Chien Chen, Temple University
    Pei-Yu Chen, Temple University
  • Modeling the Effects of Social Media on Brand Purchases and the Interaction of Social Media with Traditional Forms of Advertising
    Michael Cohen, New York University
    Bryan Bollinger, New York University
    Lai Jiang, New York University
  • The Impact of Social Media on Brand Loyalty
    Yaniv Dover, Yale University
    Scott Neslin, Dartmouth University
  • Modeling Attribution, Interdependencies, and Optimal Marketing-Mix in Multichannel Environments
    Anindya Ghose, New York University
    Param Singh, Carnegie Mellon University
    Quan Wang, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Measurement of Advertising Effects in a Multi-Media Environment: The Value of Single-Source Data
    Sachin Gupta, Cornell University
    Sungho Park, Arizona State University
  • Examining the Synergetic Effects among Multi-channel Branding Campaigns
    Beibei Li, New York University
    Foster Provost, New York University
    Ori Stitelman, media6degrees
    Brian Dalessandro, media6degrees
  • Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Its Role in Marketing
    Nicolas Glady, ESSEC Business School
    Yana Ponomar'ova, ESSEC Business School

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