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Data-Driven Donor Management

WCAI webinar
May 20, 2011          

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Today more than ever, non-profit organizations compete with an ever-expanding circle of organizations, vying for donors and their resources. In this environment, it is critical that non-profits move beyond casual “rules of thumb,” to data-driven approaches to donor management.


The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is pleased to present “Data-Driven Donor Management,” a webinar for nonprofit professionals. Participants will learn how donation records for individual donors – records which many non-profits already have – can be used to better understand donor behavior and enhance donor strategies.  Past donation records can be used to distinguish between lapsed donors and those individuals who will eventually resume activity even when attrition is unobserved. This webinar will also examine data-based approaches to measuring the impact of direct marketing on a donor’s response rate, as well as on his “lifetime” with the organization.


“Data-Driven Donor Management” will present real-life results, based on the academic work of Pete Fader, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Co-Director of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, and David Schweidel, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. Donation data from a non-profit organization has shown that direct marketing both increases the donation rate for active donors and reduces the likelihood with which donors become inactive. Fader and Schweidel will discuss how their findings can be used to estimate the effectiveness of direct marketing activity on donors and relate the findings to donors' recency and frequency of activity.



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