Academic Excellence

Economics and Beyond

Studying at Wharton will give you a deep understanding of how business works and how to view the world around you in a new way.

From the study of financial concepts to an in-depth understanding of organizational management and more, you will learn how to solve problems for any industry, for any country, and in any career you choose.

Getting Started at Wharton

Your first year of study is focused on introductory courses in economics, critical writing, and calculus. You will also take Management 100 with your fellow Wharton freshmen during your first semester.

Fine-tuning Your Education

After you have taken the business foundation courses, you will start honing your skills and deepening your knowledge in an area (or areas) of your choice through advanced coursework. You may even take MBA-level classes as you further specialize your degree. And, with the tremendous breadth and depth of courses available at Wharton, it'll be easy to create your own path.

Integration of Arts & Sciences

We mean it when we say Wharton is “business and more.” Forty percent of your required courses will be taken outside of Wharton through Penn’s three other undergraduate schools or even some of our graduate schools.

Going Global

We want to make sure that every Wharton graduate understands and appreciates our global society. In addition to having opportunities to study abroad and take Wharton International Program trips, all students are required to become proficient in a foreign language.

See Flexible Curriculum for more program information.

of courses are taken in other schools at Penn

Faculty Perspective

Jonah Berger

“Wharton is about the whys. The undergrads not only want to know what happened, they want to understand the underlying human behaviors that drove it to occur.“