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 Upcoming Events

Wharton | San Francisco Social Impact Conference (a student-run conference)
April 10, 2014
The Wharton Social Impact Initiative and students from Wharton | San Francisco are pleased to host the second annual student-run Wharton | San Francisco Social Impact conference. The purpose of the conference is to bring together a community of socially innovative thinkers who understand what is good for society is also good for business. The aim is to inspire, educate, and connect the members of the Wharton and San Francisco / Silicon Valley social impact community. The purpose of the conference is to support these individuals and organizations in their quest to create sustainable solutions to enduring social problems.
For more information about the conference, the speakers, the agenda and to purchase tickets, visit www.whartonsfsocialimpact.com.

Venture Debt and Non-Venture Debt: Overlooked Sources of Capital in the Startup Ecosystem
April 17, 2014    
Venture lending and bank lending are essential elements in the array of financing alternatives available to early stage companies. The publicity today in the tech community tends to focus on crowd funding, incubators, angels,  venture capital and the like as the principal sources of financing. However, for startups on a growth path that are beyond their first institutional venture investment, debt financing in the form of venture lending and bank loans/lines of credit  become an attractive source of capital that is less dilutive than equity financing and relatively easy to access. Two authoritative speakers in this industry will present at this tutorial as part of the Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop: Jim Mitchell, WG'75, a co-founder of Meier Mitchell & Company, a cornerstone venture lending business in Silicon Valley, and Andy Hirsch, a senior partner in the Finance Group at Wilson Sonsini. Jim and Andy will speak to debt financing trends in the tech community; the pros and cons of both venture lending and bank financing; the circumstances where an executive should actively seek out debt financing in lieu of equity; and some of the basic terms that characterize both venture debt and bank financing. Register here.

Cyber Security, Cyber Threats and the Response of the Technology Community
April 24, 2014
Most sensitive business information today, whether financial, technical or competitive, is stored on computers, and the level of cyber intrusions is extreme. Businesses and government offices in all sectors are substantially threatened by the ever increasing threat of cyber crime -- witness the recent hacking of credit cards of tens of millions of customers of Target; denial of service attacks against major financial and banking institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo; daily accounts of computer fraud in the form of phishing, malware and spam; a recent cyber theft of $45 million in cash from ATM machines located around the globe; accounts of data theft by covert foreign government agents; and on and on. The response of the technology community to this threat is critical to the survival of many American businesses, not to mention the competitive position of the United States on the global stage. Our panel, featuring speakers Nir Zuk, founder and CTO, Palo Alto Networks; Gilad Parann-Nissany, founder and CEO, Porticor Cloud Security; and John Maguire, former professional staff member, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, as well as moderator Danny Yadron, Reporter, Wall Street Journal, will focus on some of the major counter-responses that are emerging from the private sector in general, with particular discussion on the innovation, capabilities and technologies that Israeli companies are bringing to the United States business community. This presentation will offer insights into the current state of play in the war on cyber crime, anticipated trends in cyber crime, specific areas of vulnerability that face companies and organizations, and how cyber security companies are adapting to a volatile threat environment. Register here.

For more information about events at Wharton | San Francisco, e-mail Allison Grant