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The ROI of an EMBA at Wharton is the immediate value students bring to their companies. From their exposure to the world-leading business minds, employees studying current business issues are able to offer new strategies for improving business practices. Just one great idea or innovative project could pay for the entire program.

Sponsorship in an executive MBA program can prepare a future leader for top management positions and encourage a promising performer to stay with your company.

Negotiating Sponsorship Webinar

Wharton offers additional advantages to organizations. Each year, the MBA Program for Executives invites sponsors to experience the program first hand, including meeting faculty, sitting in on classes, and joining students for meals. Additionally, program staff are always available to offer support to students and organizations on how to make the most out of sponsorship.

What advantages does Wharton offer over programs that are closer and/or less expensive?

How much time away from work is involved?

Do you have to cover all costs to be a sponsor?

Sponsorship Requirements

Proposing and receiving sponsorship is a crucial part of the application process. While employer endorsement is a requirement for admission, financial sponsorship is at the discretion of the student's organization. It can range from accommodating a student's schedule to covering tuition costs or providing full financial support for program and travel expenses.

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Note: Supervising managers and executive development officers interested in nominating applicants who have less than 8 years of work experience are welcome to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the criteria for identifying appropriate Fellows candidates.

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