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The value of your Wharton MBA only begins with the two years you spend here. Lifelong friendships, the collaborative community, and common connections with other Wharton alumni are among the most powerful benefits of a Wharton degree. The relationships you build give you the power to move ahead in your job, change your career, and even relocate around the globe.

 Students celebrate homecoming by throwing toast on Franklin Field, a Penn tradition.

With 92,000 graduates, including world leaders in corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations, we have the largest alumni network of any business school. Wherever you are in the world, you can always call on a Wharton graduate for concrete help, advice, and support.

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Alumni Everywhere*

Alumni 92,000
Alumni Clubs 80
Countries 150
Continents 6
Africa & Middle East 820
Asia 5,150
Australia & New Zealand 340
Caribbean & Latin America 1,250
Europe 4,300
North America 77,800
*Data from 2012

Alumni Connections

Wharton alumni empower you at every stage of your career, from creating a support network when you first leave campus to helping you with future advancement or career changes.

Online Alumni Network

Wharton's online community, WhartonConnect, gives current students and alumni an easy way to find colleagues in just about any field. Alumni and students can access industry information, communicate with fellow alumni, and identify contacts. WhartonConnect includes lifelong e-mail addresses, an alumni directory, and extensive search capabilities. The Wharton Alumni-Student Network enables alumni and students to identify career development resources within the alumni base.

Lifelong Learning

With Wharton's lifelong "knowledge partnership" promise, you'll continue to engage with fellow alumni as you come back to campus. As Wharton MBA alum, you’ll be eligible to take one Wharton Executive Education open enrollment course every seven years beginning seven years after graduation. You’ll reconnect and refresh with new knowledge for every stage of your career.

Alumni on Campus

Wharton alumni interact with current students through an alumni mentoring program, career panels, alumni club receptions, and student conferences. Alumni give lectures and hold discussions in the classroom, support Global Immersion Program trips, and work with students on field application projects.

Alumni Clubs

Wharton Alumni Club comprises a lifelong network of leaders in specific industries or geographic regions. There are 78 Wharton Alumni Clubs providing support and opportunities for Wharton graduates worldwide. By meeting with their fellow Wharton alumni regularly, our graduates can trade ideas, find employees and jobs, develop new initiatives, form partnerships, and discuss their local economies.

Global Forums

In addition to the annual campus-based Wharton reunion, Wharton partners with its alumni clubs to mount annual Global Forums around the world. These are a great opportunity to network with friends, participate in debates, and reconnect with the School. The forums also allow alumni to meet professionally, share important contacts and industry information, and elicit constructive criticism, support, and possibly even funding for new ideas and projects.

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