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Visiting campus is the best way for you to judge whether the program is a good fit for you. Being here on campus for a half day will provide you with the best view into our immersive and collaborative learning environment. We strongly encourage all applicants to visit before applying to the program.

A visit usually entails a half-day stay on campus and includes the following:

  • Seeing faculty in action by sitting in on a class
  • Asking questions of current students
  • Interviewing with a member of the Admissions Committee

Combining your visit with an interview provides you with valuable feedback about your candidacy and helps you better focus your applications materials.

Schedule your visit and interview early in your application process. You do NOT need to have submitted a completed application in order to interview. A resume is all that is required for you to provide at the time of your interview, but you should create an online application so that you have a good of idea of the requirements and can bring questions about the application process. 

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Classes are held on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the calendar year, in both Philadelphia and San Francisco. There are occasional extended weekends that include Wednesday and Thursday classes, and some holiday weekends when no classes are scheduled. Take a look at the program calendar for more details.

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We'll send you application tips and let you know when we'll be hosting an event in your area.

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