Executive MBA Program Curriculum Overview

You begin your MBA study by building a solid foundation of broad management skills through the core curriculum in your first year. You then develop one or more areas of expertise through electives in your second year of the program. Majors are not required in the executive MBA program; however, some of the more general majors, such as entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, and strategic management, can be earned by executive students as a result of pursuing their area of interest.

The learning experience is enhanced by the real-time knowledge that students share in the classroom. There is usually someone, across the many industries and roles represented in the class, who can share insight into the issues being discussed.


Leadership Essentials
- Responsibility in Global Management
- Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership
- Management Communication
Analytical Foundations
- Microeconomics for Managers
- Regression Analysis for Business
Core Business Foundations
- Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
- Managerial Accounting
- Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment
- Corporate Finance (Flexible option: choose whole or half credit)
- Managing the Enterprise
- Marketing Management
- Marketing Strategy
- Managing the Productive Core: Quality and Productivity
(Flexible option: chose one or both of the following courses)
- Managing the Productive Core: Operations Strategy
- Managing the Productive Core: Business Analytics


Global Experience One-week modular course abroad during the second year


Sample Electives List

- Advanced Corporate Finance
- Corporate Development: Mergers and Acquisitions
- Entrepreneurship through Acquisition
- Financial Derivatives
- Formation and Implementation of Entrepreneurial Ventures
- Innovation
- International Finance
- Investment Management
- Managing Organizational Change
- Marketing Research
- Marketing Strategy
- Negotiations
- New Product Development
- Pricing Policy
- Intro to Real Estate
- Risk and Crisis Management
- Strategy and Competitive Advantage
- Technology Strategy
- Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation

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