Applying to Wharton

Admissions Decisions

All decisions are released via the applicant's secure webpage on Wharton's OnlineĀ Application System. The decisions that are released are:

Admission to the Wharton MBA

We offer clear admission to highly qualified candidates pending confirmation of their official academic transcripts and test scores.

Conditional Admission

We offer conditional admission to candidates who clearly demonstrate significant potential for success both within the Wharton MBA program and post MBA, but whom we feel need additional preparation before beginning the Wharton MBA program. Conditional admission is typically based on the need for strengthening a candidate's analytical background or improving English communication skills.


Candidates can expect to remain on the waitlist until the following round of decisions are released. There is no rank order to the waitlist. We are unable to offer feedback to candidates while they remain on the list. We are also unable to accept additional materials for inclusion in a waitlisted applicant's file. This policy is designed to create an admissions process that is fair and equitable for all candidates.


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