Curriculum Structure


Wharton's MBA curriculum offers depth, breadth, and options. The curriculum emphasizes an intensive, flexible core in general management, plus the depth of 18 majors and breadth of nearly 200 electives.

You will customize your learning by selecting a course pathway through content areas based on your education, career experience, and goals — not just through selection of your electives and majors, but through choices in the core.

Read a progress report on how Wharton is empowering students to choose their own pathway.


Offered as quarter- or semester-long courses, the core curriculum covers traditional management disciplines- with an emphasis on analytical rigor — accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, statistics, and microeconomics — as well as the leadership, ethics, and communication skills necessary for leadership. This series of courses provides a rigorous grounding for the individualized coursework that follows.

Wharton’s core includes nine credit units, distributed in two parts:

  • Fixed Core: 3.5 credit units fixed with your cohort.
  • Flexible Core: 5.5 credit units you choose to define your own path.

Elective Curriculum

Wharton's elective curriculum, 10 credit units, provides depth and breadth across traditional and nontraditional areas of management education.

  • Majors: Choose from 18 majors, or create your own individualized major.
  • Electives: Choose among 200+ electives across 10 academic departments, or take courses in others of Penn’s 11 world-leading schools.


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