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Students and faculty learn more about KOMAZA during their site visit trip. Learn more about KOMAZA’s history and vision for the future in this video taken by students during the trip.



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Primary Area of Impact Economic Development

Geographic Area Served Ganze District in Coast Province, Kenya

Years of Existence 4

Organization Social Challenge 2012-2013 Updates

In Kiswahili, the word KOMAZA means “to promote development and encourage growth.” KOMAZA is a pioneering forestry social enterprise that works to unlock the economic potential of tree farming in dry lands across Africa. KOMAZA targets the hardest-to-serve families and works with them to establish small woodlots of drought-resistant, fast-growing trees. Fallow, unused, degraded land is transformed into flourishing tree farms that provide families with an unprecedented source of income when harvested. KOMAZA generates life-changing income for rural families while creating a sustainable wood supply for the African market that combats deforestation. They call this model Microforestry.

KOMAZA forms a long term partnership with each farmer, creating a mutually-beneficial economic relationship. Their solution is centered on partnering with rural farmers at the base of the pyramid to produce a sustainable resource that meets unmet market demand. By avoiding the distribution of handouts, KOMAZA replaces charity with entrepreneurship and agribusiness.