Marketing Math Essentials

Faculty Contributors:  Stephen J. Hoch,  John Wesley Hutchinson,  Jagmohan S. Raju

Students gain insight into marketing statistical analysis by learning when to use common models and how to interpret the results

wharton learning lab marketing math essentials screen shot Marketing Math Essentials provides an interactive learning experience to help marketing students understand the key concepts behind commonly used marketing analyses. More than just an online problem set, the application presents the definitions, formulae, and examples for most of the quantitative analyses required in the course.

Although statistical analysis and modeling in marketing research can be very sophisticated, much of the day-to-day number crunching for managers is simple arithmetic and algebra. The calculations themselves are not difficult; the challenge lies in knowing which analyses to employ and what to conclude from the results. Real day-to-day problems are messy. They do not come pre-packed like a homework assignment and certainly do not have "answers in the back of the book." Marketing Math Essentials presents problems in a "real-life" format, enabling students not only to practice the calculations, but also to reason out which calculations are appropriate in each scenario.

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