Frequently Asked Questions


What type of people study for the PhD?

Do most graduates enter the academic field?

How long does a PhD take?

Can I do it part time? Is there distance learning? Is there an online program?

Do I need prior work experience or business courses?

Will prior graduate work help? Can I transfer prior graduate work and have it apply to the PhD?

Application Requirements

What tests should I take? Is there a minimum score?

Is the TOEFL required? Can it be waived if I have lived or studied in an English-speaking country?

What is the average TOEFL score? Do you keep scores submitted in prior years?

Can I request an interview when applying?

Can the application fee be waived?

Can I pay the application fee by credit card?

Admissions Process

When should I apply?

When and how will I be notified of the committee's decision?

Can you provide a paper application — I would rather submit a paper application than the online application?

How many applications do you receive each year, and how many do you admit?

Can I defer admission?

Can I request feedback on my application if I am not offered admission?

Can I apply as a transfer student from a PhD program at a different school?

Can I apply to more than one PhD program?

Can I re-apply to a Doctoral Program?

Online Application

I'm having trouble accessing the Online Application. What is the problem?

My password will not work. Why?

When should I check the system after submitting the application?

Will I receive an e-mail when decisions are made? How will I know when to check the system?

Financial Aid

What about financial aid? Are international students eligible?

Wharton Doctoral Program Recruiting Webinar

Wharton Doctoral Programs Vice Dean, Eric Bradlow, hosts a web based seminar in an effort to reach out to you and other prospective applicants. The Vice Dean will be joined by a Wharton faculty member and a current Wharton PhD student. Watch seminar »