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In Memoriam

This page on the WGES website has been launched in 2013 to memorialize fallen classmates and members of the WGES.

Please provide us with obituaries of your friends and classmates. If you can give them a Wharton flavor—by listing activities, major, roommates, friends—so much the better. Send your memorials and news to the address below or

Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society
Alumni Relations
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
344 Vance Hall
3733 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Thank you very much,

Carl Shaifer, WG’57
Chairman, Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society

1920's 1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's

C. Y. Hsu, WG'23
George K. H. Huang, WG'23

Noble F. Mccredy, WG'24

Anthony J. Keller, WG'25

Herman K. Grange, WG'26
Morris Liebman, W'24, WG'26
Morgan J. Musser, WG'26

John W. Hancock, Jr., WG'27
Sylvan L. Joseph, W'21, WG'27
Joseph F. Meacham, WG'27
Albert L. Wade, WG'27

Gustave Auzenne, Jr., WG'28
D. Barlow Burke, Esq., W'25, WG'28
Roy Dreisbach, WG'28
Kenneth S. Jones, WG'28
George K. Knowles, W'27, WG'28
Dr. Kenneth G. Matheson, Jr., WG'28, GR'40
Dr. Yun Y. Wong, WG'28, GR'31

George M. Davey, WG'29
Dr. Henry L. Drake, WG'29
Joseph H. Driscoll, WG'29
Edward V. Harris, WG'29
John H. Kelsay, WG'29
Stephen M. Mckenzie, WG'29
Carl Ernest Morin, WG'29
Keuchi Sagawa, WG'29
Edward C. Scully, WG'29