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Welcome from Carl Shaifer, Chair of the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society Steering Committee

Most colleges and universities focus on the 50th reunion as the culmination of a graduate alumnus’s school-related life. The Wharton School goes a step beyond this.

While some schools may look at post-50th reunion graduates principally as great targets for bequests, Wharton understands that experience, life lessons and valuable knowledge gained in 50 years out in the world are a considerable treasure worth sharing. As a result, in 2003, the University founded the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society, open to all graduate alumni who had celebrated their 50th reunion.

Now in 2013, the Emeritus Society has decided to broaden its membership to include those alumni who have celebrated their 45th reunion. The reason is obvious: age.  Undergraduate school graduates are on average 22, making them 72 at their 50th reunion. Wharton MBA students tend to be 27 at graduation, making them 72 versus 77 when they join the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society.

Its purpose is not just to foster greater ties between senior alumni and the university, but to actively take part in helping manage the alumni community as purposeful, dedicated ambassadors. The Emeritus Society plans and arranges programs, including informative sessions led by notable and interesting Wharton faculty and alumni, as well as receptions, parties and dinners.

The total focus is on greater communication and interaction between Wharton and its alumni and increased participation through new, exciting and dramatic events and activities.  New ideas are always welcome.  Education and fellowship go hand in hand throughout life. The Society aims to enhance the benefits of both for our school and ourselves as we move through our later years.

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